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On behalf of myself, and the rest of the Tribe, let me say that — right now, our feelings are mixed.

On one hard, we’re so sorry that you’re here – because, unfortunately, we know from experience exactly what that means, for you, and your dog.

But on the other hand, we’re also happy that you’re here – because we know how much help, information, community, and support you’ll find here.  And best of all, since we’re a community supported charity, we’re proud that we can share EVERYTHING with you, completely, 100% free.

The Dog Cancer Tribe has 3 Purposes:

  1. To create community of dog guardians, helping other dog guardians care for dogs with cancer;
  2. To distribute important dog cancer information to everyone who needs it – free dog cancer fighting books, bonuses, interviews, transcripts, etc. – whether they can afford it or not, and no matter what their situation; and
  3. To create a fund to provide free cancer fighting supplements to dog owners who can’t afford to pay for their dog’s cancer care.

We started the Dog Cancer Tribe because we’ve experienced what you’re going through with your dog.  The pain of learning that our dogs had cancer, the sadness of feeling helpless and  hopeless to help them, the confusion of trying to wade through massive walls of information trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t, and most of all, the frustration of knowing that time may be limited, and that you need to take action right now if you’re going to help your dog.

And along the way, we learned a lot — from vets, from health and nutrition experts, and from other members of the dog cancer community.  Enough, literally, to write a book and multiple guides to help guardians help their dogs stay strong and healthy for as long as possible.

And now we’d like to share this wonderful community and Tribe with you — to share everything we’ve learned, so you can help your dog too.

Just set up your free account, log in to the website, and we’ll be proud to have you as one of our Tribe.

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My name is Ted Schneck, I’m founder of the Dog Cancer Tribe, and for the past 10 years I’ve been running a website called The Dog Cancer Support Group.

My journey started when my dog Marty (the Wonderdog) got cancer, and together we learned so much and had such wonderful results (the vet said he would live no more than three months, and he lived 17 more) that I ended up writing a book about it, and it became my mission and my passion to learn more and more and more about Fighting Canine Cancer.

In the end, I put everything we leaned into a website and a book that we combined with a package of bonuses and interviews, and all sorts of wonderful tools to help others care for their dogs as well. And for all those years, I sold thousands of copies of this Fighting Canine Cancer Book and Bonus Package.

For better or worse the sales were needed, because that was the only way I could pay for the cost of developing, advertising and managing the website. But I always felt bad, because even though this was the only way I could spread this information far and wide, it only allowed me to give limited amounts of free information, while limiting the best information I had to those who could afford to pay to help the community thrive. I always wished that there was some way that I could give all of my information away for free, to everyone, without having to worry about finances.

That has all changed with the Dog Cancer Tribe. Because the Tribe is a charity organization (funded entirely by it’s parent charity, Giving Globally 501(c)(3)), it’s 100% supported, 100% community driven, and I’m 100% free to give full access to everyone full access everything, without having to worry about ability to pay.

So please, click on the button below and sign up your name and email you’ll have complete access to everything with zero charge, zero cost, zero anything

Why should you do this now?

Because now is the most important time for your dog. Once I got the cancer diagnosis for my dog, I know how hard I searched, and how difficult it was to find the information I needed to take care of him.

My goal from the start was to put everything together in one place…, so people could get up to speed and find all the information they need in one place… to get everyone started in the right direction… to let Marty live on through all of the dogs he gets to help going forward, so even though he had to die from this terrible disease, his death would not be in vain.

On top of that, the Dog Cancer Tribe gives us even better opportunities… Opportunities to form a community — Opportunities to help each other… to gather information and talk with each other…, to give support to each other, to be there for each other, and an amazing opportunity to grow.

One of the biggest things about fighting dog cancer is the feeling of being alone. When I was helping Marty, none of my friends had any idea what to do, how to help. Now you don’t have to be alone. You can be part of the Tribe. Along with the information, you get the tribe, you get us, you get everything.

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Are there any tricks? Any catches?

No, absolutely not. This community is member supported, member driven. It has the money we need to support what we’re doing here. If you do want to help support us, there will be opportunities to donate, but you never ever ever have to.

We’re 100% member supported, to guarantee that you and everybody who needs the information can get all of it without ever having to pay a penny. It’s my pleasure to be able to give this to you, and we would love to have you join us. Please click on the button, if you haven’t already done so, and log in to the website. It will give you instant access to everything that we have, and everything you need to get your dog started down this path towards healing.

Still want more information…

No problem. I we’re happy to give you examples of what we do, if that will help.

There are a few pages on the menu links above that open access and shows you what we have available.

One is our free Dog Cancer Reports – which are the reports I used to give to everyone for free, even if they didn’t order the complete Book and Bonus Package.

Or you you can visit a page where you can download the first 4 chapters of the book, so you can read them and get a preview of the free information you’ll receive as a Dog Cancer Tribe member.

Either way, we hope you’ll feel comfortable coming back and joining the Dog Cancer Tribe so you can download and have access to everything the Tribe has to offer. It’s always going to be free – there’s never any charge – the only thing you lose out on is time…

Time is valuable, especially when your rushing to fight back against your dog’s cancer. But if you still need to be reassured, if you still need to be confident that what we deliver is really, truly, helpful, then by all means, start with the report and preview chapters.

We’ll be here for you whenever you’re ready to join us.

How do you know we’re for real.

Well first of all, you’re you’re never going to be submitting any payment information. There’s nothing to submit. Just sign up with your name and email address and nothing more.

Why do we need to have you sign up?

The point of the Tribe is to create community. Not just to have you visit the website once and disappear. Having you register allows us to send you additional information. And we want to be able to keep keep in touch with you, to track how things are going with your dog, to send you more information as it becomes available, and to help through the process.

If we don’t have your contact information, then you’re only here once — and we know from experience that we’ll probably never get to see you again.

The point is to get you to be part of this community, and to share… But only to the extent you want. We’re never going to bother you. We’re never going to annoy you. We’re simply going to make ourselves available, and let you know the resources and information we have to help.

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We will have opportunities, down the road, if you want, to donate to support other dogs in the community, and help others get access to this free information as well. And if you do want to donate, then we’re planning to have some thank you gifts available, like those public radio drive gifts – but in this case the gifts will be the books themselves. But you will never have to give anything to access everything we have to share.

For example, if you donate in a certain amount, we will actually mail you a free printed copy of the book, and if you donate a bit more, we’ll mail you everything in the complete Book and Bonus Package. It won’t be any different from from what you will receive even if you never donate, but it costs us money to send out paperback editions, and CD versions of these materials, so we can only do that for people who contributing.

But don’t worry, no matter what, all we need right now is your name and email address, so you can create a username and password to get access to 100% of the information that we have on the website. So please, sign up now and let’s get you started as you care for your dog.

And please, remember, time is of the essence.

The number one lesson I share in our free dog cancer reports is that, while there’s there’s no need to panic, you do need to start taking action if you really want to help your dog heal.

One expression I’m kind of famous for is that…

“there is generally nothing you can do in the next 12 to 24 hours that’s going to make a huge difference for your dog… but its what you do in the next 12 to 24 DAYS that can make a HUGE difference in whether you get to spend a lot more time with your dog.

Let me explain. In general, if your dog is strong and healthy enough that it that you can fight back against this cancer and have a chance to heal, then, for the most part, there’s nothing that’s going to happen in the next 12 to 24 hours that’s going to prevent your dog from healing. And, unfortunately, if your dog is so far into the process, and so weak that he’s not going to be able to make it, then, while we definitely can recommend some “Last Minute Miracles” that can help – unfortunately, most likely, there is very little you can do right now that will make him heal.

Really, it’s what you do in the next 12 to 24 days (the next few weeks) that matters.

If you get this book (download it for free), it will give you the starting point for information and research for your understanding about what you need to do in the next 12 to 24 days, and beyond. It will get you on the right track, to give your dog as much strength, as much health, and as much healing as possible, so he or she can get to the next level of fighting back against the cancer.

My dog Marty was given only three months to live. That was a maximum that they gave him if we didn’t figure something out fast. So we started learning right away – and in the next 12 to 24 days, started him on a regimen that got him moving in the right direction. And he ended up living 17 months longer than the vets thought possible.

Our goal is to get you on the healing path as quickly as possible, so you can turn 3 months into 17 months, or 24 months, or 36 months or more. So you can live out the life with your dog, and fight this thing together. But we can only do that if you join us and let us give you this book and information.

Click here now, to become part of our Tribe ==>>

Frankly, we can’t see any reason why you wouldn’t want to sign up to join the Dog Cancer Tribe. But if it’s important for you to have the book, and you just for some reason do not, under any circumstances, want to sign up for the Dog Cancer Tribe, just visit our contact page and send us a note to let us know, and we’ll send you a link to download everything without having to register. We won’t be able to support you, answer your questions, and have you be part of our community, but if it’s important to you, then we certainly don’t want to prevent you from getting the information that you need.

No matter what, let’s get you and your dog started on the path to heal.

And remember, as I said when I started this letter, I am so happy, and so sad, that you found your way to our website — and I long for the day when Cancer gets eradicated, so no dog has to deal with this terrible disease. But sadly, I also know from experience, having worked in this community for a long time, that that day is not coming anytime soon.

There are literally literally hundreds of thousands to millions of dogs out there who are dealing with this disease right now, and so many that are going to die sooner than they need to, because there are things their owners to do for them that just that just don’t know and can’t find out about.

Let us help you get on the path, so hopefully we can help you find the things you can do to help your dog heal.

I’m so grateful that you’re here, and really appreciate you taking the time to read this message, and I hope to see you was part of the Tribe we’re working to build together. Our motto is “people helping people helping dogs”, and let’s work together to help each other help our dogs.

Thank you, and we’ll see you on the other side.

Ted Schneck
Author of the book “Fighting Canine Cancer”
and Founder of The Dog Cancer Tribe

The Dog Cancer Tribe – The Place for People, Helping People, Helping Dogs.